heaters developed


international patents


resources allocated



Designeach and every step,in search of inclusive solutions

In Gamma facilities, it is possible to manage and control all process phases, from concept to final production, through CAD modeling, material study, prototyping. A perfect synergy between Technical Office, Technical Room, Measurement Room, Laboratory, Production Departments, allows to always arrive at the best solution, in terms of effectiveness, cost optimization, Customer satisfaction.


tailor-made solutions

Development partners

Gamma orients its ability to innovate to the specific needs of the Client, who will have a structure designed to support them in the creation of new products.

Backed by 50 years of experience, Gamma is able to rethink individual processes based on new challenges.

"Bespoke" is Gamma standard.


control of every detail

Material analysis,quality control, reliability assurance,pre-compliance

The in-house laboratories have advanced technologies in order to implement timely quality control of incoming materials and to assist the R&D department during all phases of work through effective interaction that enables fast feed-back and rapid innovative progressions. This is all with a view to guaranteeing the Customer maximum reliability of our finished products and speeding up subsequent market entry.

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