Gamma provides personalized service in pursuit of excellence in the design of hair care devices.
With the Customer always at the center.

A unique approach, the result of years of development oriented toward maximum collaboration with the Client.
Effective design, focused on specific needs.

Gamma guides the Client through the design stages, offering technical support, producing functional samples and obtaining the necessary certifications.

step .01

choice of air heating technology

The success of a project
is linked to how you approach it,
the right start ensures the best results

In the early stages of project development, careful selection of air heating technology for dedicated hair care devices is critical.

Realizing that each Client and application has specific needs, Gamma actively collaborates to understand the requirements in detail, considering factors such as energy efficiency, heating performance, and safety.
With long experience in the industry and advance knowledge of technological innovations, Gamma is able to offer expert advice and help in choosing the most suitable solution.

step .02

Support and advice on related issues

Understand the needs
and offer targeted counseling

Downstream of the identification of air heating technology, the design of hair care devices must address impactful issues such as light weight, noise, and air flow rate. During this phase, without ever taking the place of the Client in decision-making, Gamma offers comprehensive support.

Where necessary, thanks to an extensive intercompany network, Gamma is able to direct the Client to trusted partners seeking additional advice beyond the specific know-how they possess. This collaboration provides access to the best experts in the field, including those from academia and universities, allowing the Client to be supported in specific issues that require specialized expertise.
Comprehensive and open support in the design of hair care devices, during which Gamma ensures the help needed to make informed decisions and optimize key product features.

step .03

production of functional samples

Data analysis,
testing and data reporting

Gamma guarantees the Customer the ability to:

• visualize
• evaluate

concretely the product under development, thanks to the in-house capability to produce functional samples.
The amount of data collected during the previous stages is capitalized in the creation of a prototype exactly consistent with the design and specifications required.

All of this makes it possible to test the functionality of the devices, gather feedback and make any improvements before the final production phase.

step .04

Pre-compliance testing and preparation for certifications with international bodies

Solid regulatory foundation,
deep industry knowledge,
fruitful dialogue with certifying bodies

Before a device is launched on the market, it must undergo a series of pre-compliance tests to ensure that the product meets all European and international safety and efficiency standards. During this phase, Gamma works closely with the Customer to best prepare it for the final tests at the certifying bodies of its interest.
The goal is to ensure that the landing at the certifying bodies takes place with the product ready and the certainty of quickly passing this important step.
The in-house structure makes available its knowledge and experience regarding the specific requirements of international certifying bodies and provides advice on relevant standards and regulations, helping the Client to understand the certification procedures and take the necessary steps to meet the requirements.

added value

to the finished product

A consultancy
comprehensive and personalized
in the design of hair care devices

Through close, respectful, and loyal cooperation, Gamma assists Clients in making choices regarding air heating technology; offers support on related issues; and through the production of functional samples and pre-compliance testing, ensures that the final product complies with safety and quality standards.

Gamma is proud to accompany Clients throughout the design process, contributing to the success of their innovative, high-quality products.

provided by Gamma
to product development:

Search 90%
Design 80%
Design assistance 70%
Prototyping 100%
Pre-compliance 100%