Trebbia Valley,a magical land,rivers, bridges, abbeys, history, art and nature.To be experienced and protected

Gamma is located in Bobbio, a small town of medieval founding in the heart of the beautiful Trebbia Valley, a valley characterized by significant natural and geological features, clear streams and verdant mountains; it is said that Ernest Hemingway, crossing it following the liberation army, called it "the most beautiful valley in the world."

A happy oasis with which Gamma has established a virtuous bond capable of restoring well-being at all levels, creating welcoming work spaces, usable green areas, the riverside promenade, and the very nearby beach.

Today I crossed
the most beautiful valley in the world.

Ernest Hemingway

Gamma promotes and supports initiatives aimed at enhancing the area, is committed to donating a significant contribution to the development of the local socio-cultural fabric.

- Ambulance, purchase of a new four-wheel drive vehicle suitable for safe operation in the mountainous area even in adverse weather conditions and difficult terrain, donated to Bobbio Hospital.

- Kindergarten, funding for work on the creation of Bobbio's "Il nido dei piccoli," equipped with 11 places available to the community.

- Museum of the City, participation in the reconstruction work of the medievalscriptorium and the new multimedia set-up thanks to which it is possible to digitally browse through some of the codices transcribed by the Bobbian monks.

- Feast of the Tree, ongoing support for the event, organized by Unione Montana and Istituto Omnicomprensivo with the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Province of Piacenza, the Municipality of Bobbio and the support of the Piacenza association world. It involves more than 300 students in outdoor activities on environmental issues.

Like caring for and enhancing the land, improving the quality of life is also an integral part of the company's philosophy.

With this in mind, Gamma wants to partner with businesses, institutions and local communities to support their development and promote their well-being.

- St. Martin's Lido, support for the work to fix and maintain the lido and the beach in front of it, available to employees and the community.

- Sports & culture, ongoing support for sports and cultural associations, direct involvement in organizing events of national significance.

Proud to be in the mountains.Happy to live it.Looking to the future.


environmental commitment

Aware that it operates in a truly unique landscape, Gamma is committed to safeguarding the surrounding area through focused governance and promoting values aimed at proper long-term community and land development.

Growth, just
Gamma believes in the three dimensions of its business and aims not only to achieve profit, but also to respect the community and protect the environment. It incorporates the concept of sustainable development in evaluating its performance through suitable targets and indicators.

Promotes initiatives for greater corporate responsibility and the development of environmentally friendly means and technologies on a local and global scale.

In the first person
Gamma addresses issues pertaining to land protection by adopting appropriate operational means, creates a suitable environment for the proper conduct of activities, gives coordinated responsibility to all personnel working in the company, and ensures compliance with company regulations and best practices.

Knowledge and action
In pursuit of constant improvement of processes and performance, develops a culture of respect for the environment. Implements training and information activities for its employees with a view to a timely assessment of potential environmental impacts related to individual company activities, in order to mitigate even the smallest impacts and ensure, if necessary, a prompt and effective response to emergencies.

every day

small drops create oceans,many trees become forest


Is when everyone lives in a respectful way,inspiring, serene

Human capital management
Gamma places people at the center of its business project.
Crucial to growth and the main witnesses of the company's values, Human Resources can count on paths aimed at the enhancement and development of professional and personal skills; they ensure excellent services and products to Customers within relationships of mutual trust.

Gamma's ethical and responsible commitment is aimed at the welfare of employees and their families. The company always acts with full respect for workers, with the aim of ensuring them the best possible conditions, including through corporate welfare solutions such as dedicated services and benefits:
-crèche, reimbursement in the paycheck of tuition related to "The Children's Nest"
-company canteen, equipped with 65 seats for a pleasant lunch break in a smart environment with innovative design
- meal vouchers, bestowed on employees for a break outside the company
-flexible working hours, employees are empowered to independently organize their work while balancing family and personal needs as best they can.

Working Conditions
Gamma makes the protection of occupational health and safety a cornerstone principle of its way of doing business and believes that legislative compliance and compliance with applicable requirements are a prerequisite for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.
Structured prevention activities, the careful identification of hazards and the correct assessment of opportunities and risks give rise to action plans that enable continuous improvement in performance in this area.

Diversity and equal opportunity
Gamma views diversity in terms of gender, age, different abilities, health status, ethnicity, orientation, sexual identity, political ideologies, geographical origin, and religious beliefs as a key resource for innovation and growth. Particular attention and great commitment are placed on ensuring equal opportunity and treatment for all employees in order to implement full and effective gender equality at all levels of the company's business.
The Company does not and will not in the future use child labor, nor does it encourage or implement, with respect to its partners, actions that might induce them to adopt such practices.


an ethical approach,the right system of relations with the world

Integrity in business conduct is a fundamental value, which is why Gamma is committed to conducting its activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards, does not tolerate acts of active or passive corruption and operates in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations on the subject.
The company operates in the logic of increasing the culture of legality and preventing fraudulent behavior, episodes of corruption or money laundering phenomena, including through procedures for internal reporting of irregularities or violations, actual or alleged, of rules and principles to the responsible corporate bodies.

Correct business practices and Customer protection
Gamma bases its operations on relationships of trust, established with its Customers, marked by fairness, transparency and the willingness to make available the solutions best suited to specific needs.
In Gamma's corporate philosophy, the Customer is, before anything else, a person, with his own ideas and peculiarities, a subject with whom to establish a bond of trust that goes beyond the mere rules that regulate relations between Supplier and Customer. Dialogue and listening are the cornerstones of the relationships that Gamma wishes to build with people in order to support them on a path of sustainable growth.

Relations with the Public Administration
Gamma considers compliance with regulations and the most sound ethical principles to be indispensable in conducting relations with the Public Administration. Such relations are maintained exclusively by persons with the appropriate delegated authority, in full compliance with the internal hierarchical and organizational structure.

Gamma works to ensure that the Company's management of its own taxation ensures over time the lasting growth of the company's assets and the protection of its reputation, the defense of shareholders' interests, the correct and timely determination and settlement of taxes due by law, and the performance of all related obligations.

sustainability report

dialogue and listeningfor sustainable growth