Insulating Materials

Gamma takes care of every detail of the insulation of motors (DC / LV / MV / HV, HV, traction) and generators, finding the optimal solutions for each case.

All this thanks to the internal Insulating Laboratory and the collaboration with leading companies – such as Isovolta AG, Gebauer & Griller Gmbh, Relats Sa – of which Gamma converts and distributes products.

In the Gamma Insulating Materials Laboratory are performed the following tests on materials:

  • Analysis of composition
  • Density measurement
  • Dielectric strength test up to 60 kV
  • Dry arc resistance test
  • Index of resistance to creeping currents
  • Tensile, bending and compression tests
  • Mica tape for insulation of coil
  • Sheaths, laces and flexible hoses: tested lacing cords, insulation of terminals and connections, wiring, protection and EMI shielding for electric cables
  • VPI technology: insulating tapes using VPI insulation system
  • VPI impregnating resins
  • Preconsolidation and auxiliary materials
  • Resin Rich Technology: insulating tapes using Resin Rich system
  • Conductive and semi-conductive materials: glass fabric tape impregnated with resin containing carbon black; EGSB, semi conductive thermosetting PET-fabric tape
  • Coil head insulation: sealing tapes for coil head and hydro-power
  • Insulating materials, release agents and finishers produced by DuPont®
  • Flexible insulating materials
  • Coated fabrics C-stage
  • Prepregs B-stage
  • Adhesive insulating tapes
  • Silicone coated materials: release agents for coils using Resin Rich technology
  • Glass based laminetes for machined parts
  • Cotton/paper based laminates with phenolic resin, for machined parts
  • Ripple Springs, insulating/conductive springs
  • Glass based special laminates
  • Micanite for collectors
  • Shrinkable release films for bars
  • Fire-resistant mica tapes, fireproof insulation for special cables